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Jeremiah was born and raised right here in Juneau, Alaska. He is married and has two daughters.  He is following in his Grandfather, Homer Beedle’s, footsteps in becoming licensed to sell real estate in the State of Alaska.

At an early age Jeremiah became interested in the real estate industry. As a child, he spent time helping his uncle with maintenance and repairs on his rental properties and worked construction for a few summers.  

For the past 13 years, he has been investing in real estate as a source of income and an avenue for early retirement. He not only sees a real estate purchase as a home, but when done properly, he sees the leveraging potential as an opportunity for financial freedom.

In 2019, Jeremiah decided to take a break from the car sales business. After nine months of making great memories with his wife, two little girls, and his always willing for an adventure yellow lab, he decided to make a change and enter the real estate industry as a REALTOR®. 

His firsthand experiences in the real estate industry set him apart from others in the field.  From designing and contracting new construction, to purchasing and renovating bank foreclosures, he has personally been through the stressful purchase and sales processes many times. Who better to help guide you through one of the most exciting and stressful decisions of your life than a seasoned real estate investor?  With 20+ years of negotiating experience and thousands of closed deals, Jeremiah knows what it takes to get the deal done.  When its time to play hardball, or when it is time to sweeten the pot, he will put his decades of experience to work for you. 

If you’re new to the area, or looking to make a move, let Jeremiah help get you established and introduce you to the S.E. Alaska he knows and loves. There are not many activities Jeremiah hasn’t endeavored to pursue.  Whether it be diving with majestic sea lionesses, or being chased out of the water by their 1,000-pound counterparts, harvesting scallops from the sea floor,  having lunch on an iceberg in a dry suit, exploring serene glacier caves, or soaring high above them, he’ll have an experience to share with you. Having traveled and immersed himself into the cultures of over 30 countries, he can tell you with some authority that Southeast Alaska is quite possibly the most beautiful, friendly, and amazing place you could call home.

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